Thursday, April 10, 2014

Picnic-like in Balinsasayaw

Spacious main restaurant hall of Balinsasayaw.
At one o'clock in the afternoon, hunger made us all uncomfortable already. We headed from Silang, Cavite. It was a long way drive to Tagaytay City as we reached Balinsasayaw Restaurant.

The first group waited for us while they ordered fresh guyabano; they're the hosts.

Nipa huts to choose from.
The restaurant has a huge parking space. It has a main hall but you can choose between eating in the main restaurant or inside the nipa huts. I also see similar nipa huts in various retaurants in Legazpi City, which makes dining more fun as a picnic. Several huts made of light materials (thatch) will make the most of your time as you enjoy the luscious packages in bilao in Balinsasayaw.

One of Balinsasayaw's bilao packages.
Food is the best in Balinsasayaw. It made me so full. At 2:00 p.m., it was very much like my Spanish meal.

Take me home.
Before leaving you can buy some take-home products being sold in the restaurant like fresh guyabano juice and sweets.

Colorful reuse hanging inside the hut.
When you're in Tagaytay City, Balinsasayaw is a place and a restaurant to visit.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sauyo's Kambingan

Goat's meat is called chevon, mutton, cabrito etc.
I was surprised when I spoke of the word "kambing" in Kaula Selangor some few years ago and the Malaysians understood what I said. Kambing is the Filipino word for goat. The same word for goat in Malaysia, kambing.

When we say kambingan in Metro Manila, it refers to a restaurant whereby goat menu is the specialty. It cooks  chevon, mutton, cabrito or any other terms that refers to a goat's meat in various ways - adobo, ginataan, kinilaw and others.

Until two weeks ago, I discovered the place in the nearby Sauyo not so far from my place in Mindanao Avenue. The kambingan is frequented by a lot of people. It is so simple that it looks like within a home. By the side of the road and on the opposite side is a sufficient parking area. On Sunday when there is not much work, so many customers still flock  Kambingan ni Tsong. I thank someone who brought me there. I discovered a new fun place to eat kambing which is just a few minutes ride from where I live.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yellow Cab's Sweet Lucy

You don't just eat pizza, you're eating apples too.
I don't simply refuse a friend's offer for a treat. When it's a treat, it's free; then why refuse? 

We were treated by an old office friend to Yellow Cab in the last week of March. For a Filipino like me, who use to eat pancit bato instead of spaghetti and sweet potato instead of pizza; I find it always new to eat something that I don't swallow everyday.

Although the Biano's Pizza in Mindanao is still the best for me, I liked the new taste in Yellow Cab. I didn't knew when was it first introduced but I still liked the pizza considering that it's apple-based. I am referring to the Sweet Lucy apple pie pizza style. While thinking you are eating several calories of pizza, you are confident you are eating apples too.