Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Labkai Northern Thai Food

Silverware, used for drinking water like a glass. Chiangmai is home to silverware products.
Labkai Nimman, the first restaurant where I ate in Chiangmai will always be memorable. I liked the food, though it gave me the spiciest taste ever but it gave me memories back home.

Table and chairs
The table with a base of a sewing machine reminds me back home where we have similar sewing machine for my mother. 

Sticky Thai rice
Since I do not eat sticky or brown rice more often in the Philippines because it is a bit expensive; in Chiangmai, I tried to have this available sticky rice. It is not actually brown but a combination of some darker somewhat violet color. It tasted really good.

Juice and soda
I ordered water only but this picture shows the ordered drinks for my friends. The left one is a juice that changes into lavender color after pouring a lemon juice while the one on the right is a soda. 

My orders
Take a look at the food I ordered. It is the best of Labkai, the spicy minced chicken salad in fine china. Veggies will not be forgotten because I was taught to eat veggies sparingly with the too spicy salad. I am used to eating cooked string beans but here it is served raw.

Wine bottles decorate the sides
Labkai is located in Nimman Road, just few meters away from the hotel where I stayed. It opens from 10 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m.