Saturday, August 30, 2014

Under the Same Sun

The sun cannot simply shut an empty gut.
Weather is too hot. Sun is up to its peak. You are hungry. You only ate few loaves of bread in the morning. Then, you'd been bombarded with lots of mind-boggling activities like group work, essays-to-submit and many more. A hungry trainee you become.

Though open, dining is still fun here.
You feel like going home but you cannot do so. You feel like eating in your own dining table but you cannot do so. You feel like cooking your own food but you still can't. A regimented life inside the camp.

The real meaning of eating outside.
What about dining under the sun? 

Good idea. Break free and drive to a nearby area. Dine under the sun in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, a commercial hub in  Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. Fresh from the effects of recent typhoon Glenda, some structures aren't restored yet. Some shelters had been flown by strong winds brought about by the gustiness of the previous storm. 

Then, weather is going back to normal. People are in the usual mood of dining, shopping and going around.

When you cannot afford expensive fine dining in the area, go to this place at the back portion of the Paseo. Although it looks like an open space (and obviously it is), the food is nice and less expensive.  This looks like an open space Dampa.