Thursday, October 3, 2013

East Meets West with Bagoong

Vegetable curry and bagoong rice

Whenever I hear of European products, I thought of pasta and sauces. I am not a lover of those Italian foods either as carbonara and the like. When I watched Chef Luigi Muhlach demonstrated Marks and Spencer products last Sunday, I was delighted that the east has to meet the west with bagoong.

Chef Luigi Muhlach cooked vegetable curry and bagoong rice. This is how he did it:


Marks and Spencer Vegetable Curry
1 cup plain rice
2 tsp cooked bagoong
green mangoes (sliced)
1 egg (scrambled)


1. In a hot pan drizzle oil, add onions, garlic, bagoong and rice.
2. Saute and top with green mangoes and scrambled eggs.

And that's it!

Then pair it with Marks and Spencer wines. Thanks to Miss Chie Gatchalian for the insights.

Photo courtesy of Marks & Spencer Philippines

Drink to your heart's content! Wines promote a good heart condition.