Friday, January 3, 2014

When Tea Bubbles

Whenever I pass by The Block at SM North EDSA, I just simply pass without noticing the details of plenty of shops around. I always see that restaurant named Bubble Tea but I never tried to see what's in there. As the name suggests, I only thought of it as a tea shop until friends brought me there about a week ago.

This glass reminds me of Octoberfest.
Sounds funny but it was my first time to dine there and my first time to drink a milk tea. I had a lot of tea in Japan and tasted so many of them. However, in the Philippines, teas have lots of flavoring. I was looking for oolong tea but I got to see plenty of flavoring. 

If you can't tell the flavor just choose your color.
The tea served to us reminds me of Octoberfest because of the oversize beer glass.  When tea bubbles, there is more than that at Bubble Tea. Inside the shop, I was surprised of the salivating desserts and cakes. I was fascinated by the Red Velvet. I hope to try it one day (in the future). LOL

Red Velvet and Matcha Tiramisu
What was most intriguing to me is the rice meal. We were there for lunch, definitely it means rice meal. I ordered my fish cake while my companions had the bigger ones. 

Fish cake drizzled soy ginger sauce
Fish cake drizzled soy ginger sauce is a special marinated fish with a distinct kind of soy and ginger sauce, perfectly made with garlic fried rice.

So which one is the Beef Bulgogi? It is a sliced beef marinated in Korean  sauce with succhini on Korean hot stone.

Before, prayers grace before meals. Nowadays, cameras and smart phones grace the meals with flashes. How grateful we should be for the foods we partake. Let us not forget to thank the Lord for giving us food. Thanks to my friends who made me discover Bubble Tea. When tea bubbles, there is more than that as well.