Saturday, March 4, 2017

Making Palawan Food Trip Unforgetable

There are great things to make one's foodie adventure in Palawan more meaningful. I did it myself and sharing it based on experience. If there are things I missed, I am glad to be back and experience new more things.
  • Vietnamese food. Palawan is home to Vietnamese refugees before. Since then, Vietnamese food has been part of being in Palawan where you will still see and dine in those restaurants serving Vietnamese food and Viet-Phil menu (amalgam of Vietnamese and Filipino menu).

  • Fruit Shake in Sabang. The price for these shakes range from as low as one dollar to less than two dollars. Fresh fruits that are cheaper than that of Metro Manila price, worthy of trying and enjoying.
  • Tamilok. Never leave Palawan without eating tamilok. I tried one order when we visited Baker's Hill. It is the longest oyster in Palawan and tastes like your known talaba in Farmers Market.

  • Eating All You Can at Gusto Grill. At a reasonable price for P200 pesos (when I went there) for unlimited lunch, it was so sumptuous already. They already have some seafood and sea weed as well. You'll leave so full and sleepy on your way back to Puerto Princesa.

  • Ka Inato. It is seldom that I see restaurant that employs mute people. It is only in Ka Inato where you meet and see them doing their job for a living. 

I will be glad to go back in Palawan; next time together with my family. I would like to explore more its places and food, of course.