Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gluttonous Patriotism

Everywhere in the country, you see a lot of “silog”.
Tapsilog. Tuyosilog. Hotsilog. Longsilog. Tocilog.
Whatever the combination is, these silog’s come as Filipino foods. 
I say:

Silog. More Fun in the Philippines.
Silog stands for sinangag and itlog. Sinangag means fried rice. Itlog means egg.

Combinations include tapa, hotdog, longganisa, tocino, tuyo. How do I English these? Anyone?
Tuyo is fried dried fish. Hotdog, longganisa, tocino, tapa – processed foods, etcetera.

I like it eating tuyosilog. I match it with sukang maanghang (spicy vinegar). Tuyo may be salty and not so friendly to people avoiding too much salt. 

However, the moment I taste tuyo, I have to eat more rice, (carbo). To me, eating silog which is only in the Philippines is a gluttonous patriotism.

Silog. I patronize it. It is more fun eating silog in the Philippines…and it is gluttonous to me.