Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why Do I Eat in Jollibee?

The most affordable fast-food breakfast ever.
Two main reasons for me to eat in Jollibee.

1. While one may think of McDonalds, I think of Jollibee.
    Jollibee is a Filipino chain of fastfood. That’s simple as that.

Jolllibee was founded by a Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur, Tony Tan-Caktiong. According to Forbes’ 2013 list, Tony Tan-Caktiong and his family belong to 11th richest in the Philippines     with a net worth of P1.7 billion as of July 2013.

Forbes, further says:
“Chef's son Tony Tan Caktiong, started out in 1975 with two ice cream parlours. Now his Jollibee Foods is country's largest fast-food outfit, with nearly a dozen different chains including Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich Pizza; more than 2,000 stores in the Philippines and 541 overseas. Wealth of restaurant mogul, who also owns Burger King franchise in the Philippines, got boost as Jollibee's shares gained 40% over last year on rising profits. In March, Jollibee opened its first outlet in Singapore, where company it has partnered with hotelier Jennie Chua. Wife Grace is president of the Jollibee Foundation.” 
2. I have a few shares in Jollibee. Jollibee is trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange as JFC (or Jolibee Foods Corporation). The latest market price per share for JFC amounts to P176 according to my COLFinancial account. It takes a BoardLot of 10 for one to be able to buy a minimum number of shares of JFC. (I started investing in the stock market for my retirement purposes. I may have very few shares but I think it is better to have one than to have zero.)