Thursday, September 19, 2013

Corals and Little Quiapo

In Metro Manila while in a restaurant, I seldom order sea shells like scallops if not for a special occasion or a celebration. Simply because those are expensive while special occasions are once in a blue moon for me. 

Empty shell decor inside Little Quiapo Restaurant in Quezon City.

I am already contented with what I see inside a restaurant that decorates its walls, corners or fa├žade with sea shells. I like the interior design of Little Quiapo restaurant in Quezon City. Inside the restaurant is homey atmosphere. The restaurant is not so huge but a lot of people go there for lunch because of affordable food. 

It is said that Little Quiapo has established its name since 1949.

Little Quiapo Restaurant, since 1949.

When I visited Lapu Lapu City, I was stunned by the sea foods there. The sea foods that I almost feared to eat in Metro Manila for being afraid of escalating bills are abundant in Lapu Lapu City. The empty sea shell which I pictured as decoration in Little Quiapo can be eaten and is called “saang” by locals. I told myself, “this is it!” And it was not just true but more than true to be full.

Local name, "saang"
Abundant sea weeds in Lapu Lapu City

Little Quiapo restaurant is located at 90 Malakas Street, Pinyahan Quezon City. 
Phone (02) 922-4131.