Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Juice for You

Water, our body needs it. Essential fluids, our body need them. Juices, our system need them. 

There are various juices available in stores for us. In restaurants, choose your juice.
I like juices of course. I worry however the amount of sugar mixed in the juice.
Look at these variety of flavors. Do you have any idea on the amount of sugar put it?

Choose your flavor. Choose your color.
In the Philippines, the most abundant juice perhaps is famously referred to as "buko" juice. It is coconut juice abundant everywhere. Coconuts grow throughout the country making the juice freshly available all the time. 

In Quezon City Memorial Circle, it is nice to drink some buko juice after a morning or night jogging. Or after a free time strolling, you can buy it at a very affordable price as low as five pesos.

Buko juice available in Quezon City Memorial Circle.