Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tudlo-Luto, Paluto Out-of-Town

Remember how much it costs for your freshly bought fish from Farmer's Market to be cooked in Dampa? Roving the countryside gives me a lot of experience that cannot be bought by money. One of which is the appreciation and recognition of everything unique in a certain locality. That includes food of course.

How many pieces can you consume?

I am well-fed when I go out of town. I mean when I go out of the office to visit other regions. Not only because firefighters in the Philippines are most hospitable ever wherever part of the country I may go - that's a fact. Moreover, I find the food which are "dollarly" priced in Metro Manila to be cheaper in other parts of the Philippines.

Paluto in San Francisco

Take for instance the restaurant we visited about two nights ago in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur. Seafoods? They have it at a cheaper price. Crabs walking and lobsters alive before being cooked. You choose your own and they'll cook it while you wait.

Don't bother sharing because you have your own.
In Tudlo-Luto Mana-ay Seafood House, I had to consume what must not be left. Thanks to my younger colleagues who shared with me the fun. I was thinking of a lot of people affected by typhoon waiting for relief items to feed their hunger but in my table there was plenty of crabs, shrimps, squid and the like. For the common tilapia in the metropolis, that's just an ordinary soup.

Don't leave this precious food unconsumed.

I can't recall its name.

Tilapia soup
The restaurant is located in the National Highway, Barobo-bound, walking distance from Paseo de San Francisco Hotel Suites.